Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Are Haunted Houses for Real?

In honor of Halloween week, I thought I'd tackle the whole "haunted house" deal. Do haunted houses really exist? From the things I've experienced personally, as well as what I've seen and heard in sessions with clients, yes, I think they do. You won't catch me running around trying to find them, either; as a super sensitive person, haunted houses are the types of places I'll do anything to steer clear of!

What is a haunted house?

A haunted house is typically a building in which a spirit or scary entity exists. It can also be a space in which something horrible occurred, and the molecular memory of the awful event lingers, making the energy of the space seem oppressive and yucky for sensitive people to be in.

Why are some houses haunted?

Some houses are haunted because spirits of the people who lived there are still hanging around on the earth plane and haven't crossed over to the other side. There are lots of different reasons why spirits don't cross over. Some have "unfinished business," and some are in a state of trauma and just don't want to, or are not able to, leave.

Can haunted houses hurt people?

Absolutely! But not in the way that movies depict. Ghosts can't hurt you - they just try and scare you. First of all, if you are sensitive, a haunted place will give you the creeps. I remember visiting a witchy voodoo shop in New Orleans, and an old plantation house in South Carolina, that both gave me the heeby jeebies. I just wanted to get the heck out of there. Secondly, if you hang around in a space that is haunted by ghosts or ghoulish things, you will start to feel bad both physically and mentally. You might get headaches, or you might start to get depressed or anxious. This is because those energies can have an impact on your aura as well as your nervous system. Some energies will play with electrical fixtures and make noises that go bump in the night, so they can really scare you - which of course isn't good for your overall well being.

Can you clear a haunted house?

Some places can be cleansed and cleared by a feng shui master or healing/clearing professional, yes. Others, not so much. There's like a negative imprint in the ley lines of the earth that adversely affect the space. Remember that movie Poltergeist, where they moved into a new housing community built over sacred Native American burial grounds? No good! Same thing happens in real life. In fact, one summer while I was in college some friends and I lived across from the Veterans cemetery. That was the weirdest summer ever, and everything felt turned around and upside down. I think in retrospect it had something to do with the location.

How can you know for sure a house is haunted?

If you see ghostlike apparitions floating around at night, just like in the movies, you don't need to get your eyes checked; the place is haunted. Some people really do see these things, and they're not necessarily people who see spirits all the time. Scary, huh? If you are in a place and you just have a funny feeling that you're being watched, or that you're not the only one in the room, I'd say there's a 90% chance it's haunted, and a 10% chance you're just being paranoid.

How do you make sure the house your buying isn't haunted?

First of all, just try and stay there long enough to get a sense of the place. Go there in the evening or at night. Go into each room, and close your eyes, and try and notice how you feel, and what your impressions are. Do you feel happy or sad? Calm or anxious? Houses definitely hold the energy of the people who lived there in the past, and with practice, you will find that some places absolutely have sad vibes, while others have happy ones. Pick the place with a happy vibe.

Have you ever been in a real haunted house? How could you tell? What did you notice?


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Truth about Soul Contracts

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."

- William Shakespeare

The other day, my best friend from high school and I were catching up on the phone, and she casually mentioned that it looks like her dad is going to be leaving this world soon. We talked about him, what's going on in his life, and circled back to the same thing we usually circle back to when he comes up: how can somebody be such a jerk, and what was the whole point of his life?

If we're all here to make a difference in the world, and to contribute to the planet and the people of the planet, how come some people seem to just have nothing to do with that program whatsoever? Her dad was a selfish man who didn't really do anything for anyone, who abandoned his wife with 7 young kids, one of whom had a disability, and never paid child support, leaving them to struggle in near poverty.

Before I had a moment to think about it, I just blurted this out: "Maybe he's not such a jerk...maybe his soul is really awesome, and he volunteered to be the asshole this time around, to teach all of you how to survive without a father, to learn how to take care of yourselves despite the odds..." and she added "And to get over our mistrust and hatred of men because of what a bad role model he was!" We talked about it some more, and thought that was an interesting concept. Maybe her dad had a soul contract with her mom and all the kids, one where he purposely contributed to their suffering, so that they could overcome major obstacles, learn, and grow.

With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to explore the whole "Soul Contract" thing today.

What is a Soul Contract?

A soul contract is an agreement between souls that spells out what your relationship as humans will be like. Two souls can decide to offer each other unconditional love and support. Or they can decide to be at odds with each other for one reason or another.

What are Soul Contract Lessons About?

Soul contract lessons can be about anything you can think of. The fun, lovely ones are about unconditional love, understanding, support, and mutual respect. The hard ones are about power struggles, abandonment, disrespect, hatred, and violence.

Fun Soul Contracts
The souls with whom you have "fun" soul contracts help you get through this life. They can be relatives, friends, co-workers, romantic partners. My best friend from high school, for example, has been a beacon of light in my darkest hours, always understanding my very soul and being kind, patient, and understanding with me when others were not. Kind and supportive soul mates can inspire you to be kind and supportive to others in turn. They help get you through life, and teach you things in an easy way.

Not-so-Fun Soul Contracts

The not-so-fun soul contracts help you co-create situations where you are challenged to overcome duress and learn and grow. These are your abusive parents, your evil bosses, romantic partners who throw you under the bus. If you can get past the personal insults and awful feelings and situations these people create in your life, you grow, big time. The end goal is peace, harmony, and unconditional love for yourself, and for your perpetrators.

Can a Soul Contract be Broken?

You won't really know you have a soul contract with someone until you start to realize what's happening between the two of you, and then acknowledging that you REALLY don't want that anymore. If you're in a bad romantic situation with someone, for instance, yes, you can absolutely break the contract by walking away from the relationship, letting go of the person, forgiving them, forgiving yourself, and moving on with your life.

If you can't walk away from the relationship - for instance, if your soul contract is with your deadbeat dad - the best thing you can do is get to a place where they don't trigger negative emotions in you. Then, if you work on loving their souls (it's hard to love the ego-personality of someone who intentionally causes you pain), you can forgive and release them, and find freedom for yourself.

Do Soul Contracts Remain the Same from Lifetime to Lifetime?

From what I've seen in hundreds of past life readings, it appears that people tend to run the same patterns with other people. For example, I'll have people give me a list of 10 names of people in their lives, and they'll just laugh because the past life patterns with those people are similar to what they are experiencing now. There are no hard and true rules, though, and when it comes to karma, the tables do turn; I've seen people switch roles with each other over the ages.

How Can You Tell What Contracts You Have with People?

If you want to know more about the contracts you have with people in your life, all you really have to do is think a little bit about how certain people make you feel, and the bigger picture of why that might be. You can take it a step further and use your imagination, pretending your life is a fairy tale, and imagining what roles different people play. I guarantee you, you won't be off base.

If you're tired of the way a certain relationship is playing out, think about how you can stop the negative interactions and end the cycle. Just because a soul contract exists doesn't mean you can't use your free will to break it, shift it, and shatter the illusion that we have to struggle and suffer in disharmony in this lifetime.

What soul contracts give you the most grief in this lifetime. How are you working on breaking the cycle?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How Clairvoyance Works

I cringe when people call me a Psychic, because I'm totally NOT. I'm someone who learned HOW TO BE PSYCHIC, and there's a difference!

I learned how to do readings and healings by following a very specific method of training, involving meditation and working with visualizing and understanding mental pictures.

Clairvoyance is not some out-there concept, though I must admit it does sound pretty Victorian and old-timey. It's basically allowing energy to appear as an image or images in your mind's eye, and then taking those images and allowing them to show you an answer to whatever question you're posing.

When you read a fictional book and imagine what the characters and scenes look like, you're using the same mental faculties you'd use when you're being clairvoyant.

In fact, it's so ridiculously simple I can boil it down to three basic steps:

1. Quiet your mind to the point where you get into trance mode

2. Ask yourself a question, and then...

3. Allow images to come into your mind's eye and just take note of what they look and feel like.

It is as basic as that. Now, because we're not always used to using our brain this way, a lot of clairvoyant training programs teach you to first just see a color or colors, and then direct that into a viewing receptacle such as a rose or a bubble. Then, that rose or bubble takes on a life of it's own, giving you clues that help to answer whatever question you've posed.

It just takes practice.

If you're interested in learning how to use your own innate clairvoyance in your everyday life, or to do readings and healings on a professional level, I offer a one-on-one training program that can help you master your clairvoyance. I work with you for 8 weeks and guide you through doing readings on others and working with the information you receive.

My teacher, Debra Lynne Katz, has an International School of Clairvoyance that runs long distance group training programs year round. She's an excellent teacher and I love her energy.

I also love the Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado - they are amazing. And I've recently been reading about the Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii, which looks wonderful.

There are a lot of good resources out there, you just have to find the one that fits best for you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Evolution, Reincarnation, Past Lives, and Lizard People

A few years ago, I led a past lives workshop where I regressed participants, through hypnosis and guided meditations, to view their previous incarnations.

After each regression I asked the attendees to share what they experienced. What tends to happen is that people don't get a whole lot the first time they go in, but more is revealed during the second and third regression. Sometimes it's the same life, and sometimes it's completely different lifetimes. People will see snippets of things - the interior of a room, the description of garments or shoes, or a feeling of being somewhere else - and sometimes they'll get this whole incredible big picture.

Some interesting things came up after the first regression - one of the students distinctly felt herself as a cat in the 1920s - but what was really fascinating to me was an experience this Indian guy had after the third regression. He said that this time, he decided to go WAY back, all the way back to the beginning. So that was his intention that he set before going in. And then the next thing you know, he said, he was in a spaceship hurtling towards the earth. And he was a lizardy person. And all the other beings on the ship were lizard people too.

The minute he mentioned the space ship, another participant gasped. She had been in a lifetime as a cowboy, just sauntering along or whatever, and all of a sudden she felt herself pulled into another time, and she, too, was a lizard person in a spaceship.

The reason this experience was so fascinating to me was that I had a past life regression once, and towards the end, the hypnotherapist regressed me way back, and I was in a spaceship. She had me hold up a mirror to look at myself and I gasped, because the reflection showed a reptilian type of creature.

I don't consider myself to be a lizard, and in fact I'm more human, full of human emotions and ego-driven motives, than I'd like to be.

Now, I'm clearly no expert in evolution (other than the whole big bang theory, primordial soup thing, dinosaurs, Lucy, etc etc stuff we learned about in grade school), nor am I big on alien conspiracies. I don't even want to go there, because what you put your attention on tends to manifest itself, and I don't want to get into attracting any aliens right now. Maybe I will when I'm 80 or something, but for now I'm just happy with regular old earth life (and the high-level, love and light-related ascended masters, guides and beings that come through in sessions). I do think, however, that it would be very strange if aliens did not exist, because consider the enormity of the universe. Thinking we are the only intelligent life force in existence is akin to thinking that the earth is flat.

Over the years, I've heard people talk about lizards, and lizard people, and I know there are theories that there are people on earth who are really aliens and who are in fact lizards and not really human at all.

Isn't it interesting that these two isolated cases both described a spaceship traveling towards the earth? I'm not committing to the idea that it's irrefutably true, because honestly what do I know, but I think it's just fascinating.

What do you think?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Remote Viewing Cancer

Remote viewing is a way in which you can gather information by having part of your consciousness travel out of your body in order to observe objects (also known as targets) at a distance. It's not like astral projection, which is where you just vacate your body completely. It's more like just focusing your awareness in your third eye center, and then jumping off to view something, while being aware that you're also in your body. It's super fun to do, and I've coached many students who have had really easy experiences with it. You can use remote viewing to find lost objects or people, or to just explore.

You can also use remote viewing to scan your own, or someone elses's, body, and see what's going on in there. That use of remote viewing is also known as medical intuition. I am no doctor by any means, and I didn't really like biology class in school, but people always ask me to check in on their bodies to see how their health is. I blend my clairvoyance with remote viewing, which is totally not scientific. But I was an art history major, so that's how I see things. I tend to see organs as little men or ladies or gnomes or just organs with faces working away in the body, and they tell me how they're doing and what they need (for instance, the other day, a pair of kidneys told me they were thirsty and getting dried out).

The body is so fascinating, as are the diseases that occupy it. Here are 3 ways in which I viewed cancer. I'm not going to go into details about the people or their situations or healing, I just want to share how cancer presented itself.

Example #1

Years ago, a guy sat down in front of me and asked me to scan his body. I did, and saw something moving really fast. It was black, like black fluid, running through his body. I didn't know what to say, so I paused. He told me that nothing I could say would surprise nor dismay him, so I just told him what I saw. He then told me he had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and was given 6 months to live. The rest of the session we looked at ways in which he could heal, and there were many, but now that I look back, I feel like he wanted to go.

Example #2

More recently, one of my favorite clients had had a biopsy and was waiting for the results. She asked me what I thought. I hate to be wrong, especially with something like this. Of course, when you enter the world of psychic phenomena, there is no right or wrong, but still. Can you imagine? You don't want to tell someone they're sick or healthy when they're not! Anyway, I tried to set all thoughts aside and viewed the body and tissue in question. I saw a white spider, very faint and ghostlike and absolutely not harmful, like a dried up daddy long legs. This client is cool with clairvoyant symbolic imagery (some people don't understand it) and together we ascertained that it looked like she'd be OK. She emailed me that week that the results were fine - no cancer - YAY!

Example #3

Now just the other day, a client asked me to check his daughter, who had also had a biopsy done. This time, I went straight to the spider imagery, and I saw a smallish black squirming very much alive spider. It looked like cancer to me. It also looked like it could be easily removed. But then, all of a sudden, I saw that it had laid eggs. Like 6-8 eggs that had not hatched. I looked to see if radation could blast them, but the eggs pretty much remained in tact - only 2 died. I looked to see if chemo could get rid of them, and that appeared to work. I then asked if the cancer would return, and I heard and saw the black spider saying "She's not a good host" so that appeared to be positive. In this case, I will not know what happens until or unless I see the client again. That's the thing about doing readings professionally - you can't be invested in the outcome and you have to let go and detach after every session. Easier said than done, though!

Now, strict remote viewing in the most pure, classic, scientific sense will not necessarily combine clairvoyance with the viewing technique. If I'd just remote viewed the bodies I might describe more like what cancer would look like under a microscope in a very straightforward matter, seeing cells multiplying, etc. But because I do so well with clairvoyance, and invite those symbolic images in, that's what appears when I scan and see diseases like that.

As far as healing goes, if a person has a disease, you can use visualization techniques to heal them. It will take time, though, as in most cases the body needs to be worked with regularly in order to heal. Someone can use visualization on themselves, or go to a healer for help, or both. Utlitizing clairvoyance, you'd just work with the imagery until it starts to look better and better, and no negative energy or images appear.

What do you think? Have you used remote viewing before? If so, what were the results?