Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Activate Your Psychic Super Powers!

To be honest with you, lately I've been getting tired of the whole psychic thing.

Are you shocked! That is so bad of me to say! So taboo!

Gypsy Fortune Tellers, Sylvia Browne, and Madame Cleo

But really. I never thought of myself as psychic (until I started training and learning how to do it), and I sure never planned on being A PSYCHIC like Sylvia Browne (who was wonderful) or Madame Cleo (hello, TV ads from decades past)! That's why I call myself an intuitive consultant. It sounds more like what I am - a helper, a guide, a teacher -  and a lot less like I'm sitting in a gypsy wagon with a scarf over my head, waving my hands over a crystal ball and talking about curses and whatnot.

Everyone gets tired of things once in a while, and I think the reason I'm tired of the whole psychic thing is that many people (not YOU, dear reader, but other people) continue to go to psychics because they are totally lost and scared and sad, and they think the psychic person can give them all the answers and they don't have to do any work.

This might sound like a rant or tirade, but I promise you it's not. It's not!

We ALL Have the Potential to be Psychic.

The thing about being psychic is that we ALL have the potential to tap into our intuition and learn how to do this.

The reason I got to be psychic is I read a lot of books, I trained personally with a world class teacher, I meditated like there was no tomorrow, and I practiced nonstop for two whole years. I was dedicated to doing this.

The  more you practice, the better you get. It's just that simple.

Now that I've done readings for thousands of people, I've realized that the most important thing I can possibly teach anyone is that they have the power to get the answers for themselves.

Do You Want to be Psychic?

One of the easiest ways you can start is with the Activate Your Psychic Super Powers program. It's based on my teacher Debra Lynne Katz's amazing book, the one that started me on this journey. We created it so that you'll get a lesson emailed to you once a week for 8 weeks, along with a guided meditation, to help you along the way.

It couldn't be more simple. For only $55 - that's less than the cost of a reading - you'll be on your way to doing readings for yourself and others if you want.

Don't give your power away or go to other people for the answers. Learn how to do it yourself, and whole new worlds of opportunities will come your way.

Click here for more info: http://www.activateyourpsychicsuperpowers.com/.

You can learn how to tap into your own intuition and still get sessions from others - in fact, once you have a working sense of your own psychic abilities, sessions you receive are even more positive and powerful.

That's because as you learn to work with your own visual imagery, you get a deeper sense of what the other person is picking up on, and a more powerful understanding of what you need, and can do, to change your future. And what is more empowering than that!?!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

An Easy Way to Transform Your Body with Energy Work

Last year, I did this live Total Body Transformation workshop, which was so great that my friend and teacher Debra Lynne Katz and I turned it into a 3-month Total Body Transformation Boot Camp that was just awesome. We're working on a larger-scope project with this, but if you're interested in that initial workshop, I made a nice recording of it with all the techniques that you can download over at the store page: http://www.krishanti.com/p/krishantis-store.html.

OK, so now that spring has sprung, it's a great time to get outside and start exercising and moving your body. The thing is, exercise without intention doesn't provide as great results as exercise with intention. If you slog though 30 minutes on the elliptical looking at the "Bad News" on the news, your body is going to feel blah (or, worse yet, just plain bad) thinking about all the stuff that's wrong in the world. Not to mention the electromagnetic waves emanating from the TV screen that's attached to those things, which isn't healthy.

If you focus on your body while you're exercising, though, and you channel your thoughts toward what you want your body to look like and how you want to feel, you change the game. It doesn't have to be arduous. In fact, it shouldn't be.

In order for exercise to work really well energetically, and to transform your body, you want it to be FUN. Or at least COOL, something that you can feel you're really in the zone with.

Try this: the next time you're exercising, listen to some upbeat music that you love (that totally sounded like something out of Reader's Digest or Women's Day magazine - sorry!). What I'm trying to get at is you have to get something you REALLY REALLY LOVE that makes you feel AMAZING. Look for something new, if you can, unless it's something old that reminds you of a GREAT time in your life and makes you feel sexy and strong and healthy and happy.

Just really get into the music as you exercise, and do not by any means entertain any negative thoughts about your body whatsoever. Imagine that you're dancing. As you do this, think about and visualize BRILLIANT, happy, sparkly shining golden light coursing all through your body. Feel that energy, and pour love through yourself inside and out. Just LOVE your body, love your aura, love yourself from your head to your feet. I wish I could demonstrate how this works in an exercise class, because there's one song in particular I recently discovered that actually helps you move energy through your chakras and central meridian and it's beyond amazing. And you'd never think it because it's a total dance-pop party song and I'm not going to tell you who it's by!!! BUT IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can keep that sort of thing up the entire time you're exercising, or at least most of the time, you'll not only start to transform your body, but you'll change your energy vibration as well. You will look radiant and you will glow from the inside out.

The more you make that a practice, the better and better your body will look and feel.

Try it and let me know how it goes!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How Precognition Works (or Doesn't)

Recently, I really got into thinking about my personal life as far as precognition, the future, and potential outcome is concerned. I don't predict things for clients, as people have free will and we all make our own futures; it's better for clients to take responsibility for their own destiny rather than ask me to tell them what it will be. You can't count on that type of information to be 100% accurate, because the future is constantly shifting and changing based on our thoughts, energies, emotions, and actions.

Anyway, here are two interesting examples of how the future ended up playing out accurately in a certain sense, but not in the way I assumed it would be.

Similar Outcome - Different People

We were invited to a dinner with some family that was in town a few months ago and I was looking forward to it. It would have been 6 of us altogether - four parents and two kids. However, they had to cancel the morning of due to unforseen circumstances. A couple of hours later, friends invited us to dinner, and we ended up meeting with them and having a great time. Now, of course I didn't do a reading on all this, but if I had, it would have shown that we would have ended up having dinner with people who we like a lot, who actually in fact are very similar to the family we'd have had dinner with, and it would be a great time, we'd all feel happy, etc. etc. Just with a slight difference in that they were different people.

Similar Outcome - Different Place

Here's another interesting case. Recently, a friend invited me to join her in Athens, Greece. I love Greece and I know I've been Greek in many a past life, because during our honeymoon there I knew Athens like the back of my hand and people spoke to me in Greek, assuming I knew what they were saying. These are my people, clearly. I seriously considered going, but decided not to because I wasn't comfortable traveling that far out of the country without my husband and toddler son. I've never been too far from them since Ivan was born and I just knew I'd feel weird. Now, it turns out that around that same time I would have been in Athens, at the last minute a friend offered her timeshare for us to use in the mountains a few hours outside of the city. I could go there and work/write for a couple of days during the week, and then my husband and son could meet me on the weekend. I took her up on it, and while I was there I recognized a funny thing. Note that this is the same time period as the potential Athens trip.

I was alone in a new place and looking forward to seeing my family (good thing they were only a couple hours away, though!)
The temperature was similar to that in Greece (moderately cooler than in LA)
The landscape was similar to where I live (which is what it's like in Greece around Athens)
The nearest thoroughfare to the place I stayed was called Olympic
I was happily experiencing a place that I had visited once before, but years ago - just like Greece.
Spiritually speaking, I was enjoying being in an environment with an ancient and strong sense of natural energy, which is what I would have experienced in Greece, only differently, if that makes sense.

Isn't that kind of interesting?

These are just two examples of cases where it would seem that a certain outcome would take place, but it didn't - and yet similar emotions and circumstances occurred. Precognition is definitely possible, but future events and circumstances don't always turn out exactly the way you would think they would!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

I watched this Ted Talk yesterday (though it has been out for a while now) and wanted to share it here. For people who are extra sensitive and empathic, what Amy talks about based on her scientific research is incredibly fascinating and helpful. Rather than shrink up and hide, practice new body language, expand your aura, and claim your space. It's a long video - about 20 minutes - but the very best, best part is at the end, so it's worth it to watch it in it's entirety.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The #1 SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT Ingredient to any Psychic Exercise

When I stumbled onto the path of psychic development, I of course, being a shopper, looked into all the tools and implements necessary. And there are TONS! Beautiful crystals, stones, wands, tuning forks, bells, gongs, prayer mats, pictures, essential oils, candles, incenses, herbs, and more. Fun stuff!

The thing is, you can have all the best tools in the world, but the #1 SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT to ANY psychic exercise you embark on - be it a ritual, a reading, a meditation, or a healing - is this:


Without intention, without infusing your thoughts and actions with meaning, you lose the spark. And the whole thing is a lot less magical.

Prayer, WITH INTENTION, creates miracles.

A meditation, WITH INTENTION, gets you to the place you're hoping to get to.

A reading, WITH INTENTION, can be simply amazing and incredible and just blow your mind.

Doing things thoughtlessly, and rote, like all whatever, just makes the practice all whatever.

I attended mass recently at a church my friend loves in Beverly Hills. And they said the Our Father, or the Paternoster, which is one of my all time favorites. I've been doing it daily, and following a different method of doing it taught to me by a new favorite author (more in her another day!). Her method involves touching different points on your body imagining it as the Tree of Life. So you really think about it and you think about God as you do it. When I was at that particular mass, everyone mumbled through it super fast and the vibe was kinda low. Like, let's get through this "ourfatherwhoartinheavenhallowedbethyname" etc. etc.

Of course, that prayer is so beautiful and so powerful that even going though it like that has an effect, but when you say it with intention...

KA-POW! It changes.

Doing clairvoyant work is so much fun, because you can engage your imagination and intention with the images you're seeing to shift your reality. A friend and I recently got together to connect with angels. We used to play psychic games together years ago when we were both learning to be psychic. We set our intention together, and got more beautiful angel signs than anything. We were THRILLED.

So, while it's fun to have things and they can definitely, absolutely help get you in the right space mind-wise and energy-wise, it's all about your intention. And that's free!!!