Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

I watched this Ted Talk yesterday (though it has been out for a while now) and wanted to share it here. For people who are extra sensitive and empathic, what Amy talks about based on her scientific research is incredibly fascinating and helpful. Rather than shrink up and hide, practice new body language, expand your aura, and claim your space. It's a long video - about 20 minutes - but the very best, best part is at the end, so it's worth it to watch it in it's entirety.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The #1 SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT Ingredient to any Psychic Exercise

When I stumbled onto the path of psychic development, I of course, being a shopper, looked into all the tools and implements necessary. And there are TONS! Beautiful crystals, stones, wands, tuning forks, bells, gongs, prayer mats, pictures, essential oils, candles, incenses, herbs, and more. Fun stuff!

The thing is, you can have all the best tools in the world, but the #1 SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT to ANY psychic exercise you embark on - be it a ritual, a reading, a meditation, or a healing - is this:


Without intention, without infusing your thoughts and actions with meaning, you lose the spark. And the whole thing is a lot less magical.

Prayer, WITH INTENTION, creates miracles.

A meditation, WITH INTENTION, gets you to the place you're hoping to get to.

A reading, WITH INTENTION, can be simply amazing and incredible and just blow your mind.

Doing things thoughtlessly, and rote, like all whatever, just makes the practice all whatever.

I attended mass recently at a church my friend loves in Beverly Hills. And they said the Our Father, or the Paternoster, which is one of my all time favorites. I've been doing it daily, and following a different method of doing it taught to me by a new favorite author (more in her another day!). Her method involves touching different points on your body imagining it as the Tree of Life. So you really think about it and you think about God as you do it. When I was at that particular mass, everyone mumbled through it super fast and the vibe was kinda low. Like, let's get through this "ourfatherwhoartinheavenhallowedbethyname" etc. etc.

Of course, that prayer is so beautiful and so powerful that even going though it like that has an effect, but when you say it with intention...

KA-POW! It changes.

Doing clairvoyant work is so much fun, because you can engage your imagination and intention with the images you're seeing to shift your reality. A friend and I recently got together to connect with angels. We used to play psychic games together years ago when we were both learning to be psychic. We set our intention together, and got more beautiful angel signs than anything. We were THRILLED.

So, while it's fun to have things and they can definitely, absolutely help get you in the right space mind-wise and energy-wise, it's all about your intention. And that's free!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

3 Steps to Curb Your Empathy

Being empathic means you're sensitive to the emotions of others, as well as the vibrations of your surroundings. You care - a little too much. You're like a sponge that just soaks things up, very much to your detriment.

I have yet to meet an extra-sensitive empathic person who says "I love being this way!"

Most of the empathic people I meet feel that their empathy is more of a curse than a blessing. They can't be around certain people, because their life force energy literally gets drained out of them. They don't feel comfortable in a lot of places, because it's too much for their senses. When it all boils down to it, life itself just seems too harsh, filled with yucky vibes they have to work hard to avoid.

The good news is, you can curb your empathy so you don't have to suffer so much. Here are some basic self-care exercises that will help:

1. Cut Out or Avoid ALL Toxins

If you're already sensitive, think about what your environment could be doing to your vibration. Toxic noise levels, power lines, energy grids, chemicals in the personal products you use, toxic chemicals in the foods you eat, toxic workplaces, toxic home spaces, toxic people, toxic TV shows, toxic electronic devices, toxic music - all these things are really, really draining to the empathic person. Make it your mission to cut out or avoid these things, so that you can build up your energy, your strength, and your vibration.

2. Get Grounded and Heal Yourself with Nature

Fresh air, trees, mountains, water, green grass, the sun, rocks, gardens, flowers...putting your body in this type of environment is very healing and strengthening. Eat fresh, organic, unprocessed foods. Use essential oils and crystals and sound vibrations to restore your energy. Make it a point to live closer to the earth, which will restore and heal you.

3. Practice Centering Yourself in Your Solar Plexus Chakra and Turning Your Emotions OFF.

When you're an empathic person, it can seem as if your emotions are always on and amplified to react to and match the energies around you. If you picture yourself firmly grounded in your solar plexus chakra (this is your 3rd chakra, right around where your belly button is), and imagine you're turning the dial down until it's in a permanent OFF position, you can actually put a stop to the sensitivity. It takes practice but if you stick to it, it will work. Just put your dominant hand over your gut, take a couple of deep breaths, and imagine you're standing there in your solar plexus. Try and visualize yourself if you can, and if not, just know that you are consciously there. Next, imagine that you're now turning your sensitivity off, or closing the curtains, or shutting the door to your empathy, which in this visual is like a room in your solar plexus. You close the door, but you get to stay inside and bask in your own good energy. This is not going to hurt you in any way or make you any less of a good person - you're just closing shop for the time being, and you are perfectly allowed to do so. It's your right to do so if you choose to. Then just see how you feel!

Once you realize you're an empathic person, you really do have an advantage, because then you know how to work with it. For more tips and techniques, check out my MP3 instant downloadable workshop, Psychic Protection Techniques for Empaths and Sensitive People.

And good luck!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3 Spirit Guide Safety Tips You Need to Know.

Let me be honest with you. When I first heard the term "spirit guides," I thought it was completely whack. The concept sounded completely odd to me. A guide? A SPIRIT guide? What's the point of that? And if you can't see them, then why would you bother?

As I learned how to do readings and healings, however, I discovered that spirit guides are actually quite helpful. I get great information from them regarding areas I'm not familiar with (medical stuff, for instance), and some of the insight and guidance I've received is nothing short of astounding. In assisting us on our path, spirit guides in turn grow and evolve. So, through my work, the whole thing started to make more sense to me.


When I started training people on how to connect with their intuition, and when I would "check in" to see what types of guides were around clients who specifically asked me to check in on that for them, I began to notice something. Some students would easily connect with what appeared to be guides, but when we looked more closely, they were NOT guides. They were spirits that were not helpful or enlightened. Same thing happened with clients; I'd start describing energies around them and they'd go "That's my grandma!" or whatever.

Not all spirits are guides. And you should be VERY careful when you try to connect with ANY sort of spirit, whatsoever.

So if you're thinking about working with spirit guides, here are some tips that might help:

1. Avoid blind trust and make sure it's a guide, not just any old disembodied spirit.

Don't just expect that any old spirit you make contact with is a guide, no matter how helpful he or she may appear to be. Work with a trusted intuitive, or healer, or psychic-minded friend to check in and see who you are communicating with. That is the very best way to tell.

2. Ask God, Creator, or Divine Source to guide you in this process.

Look: the highest guidance possible is that of GOD. Don't ever, ever, ever think there is anything or anyone more powerful, or that it will be easier to connect with guides than with God. Ask Source to help you connect with positive, enlightened energies who will only help you to get closer to the divine. Say a prayer EVERY time you attempt to get spirit guide guidance, and make sure that the whole process is with God's grace and blessing. Otherwise, you could be opening the door to all kinds of weird energies not in alignment with your highest good.

3. Work with Angels before working with guides.

The frequencies that angels work on is much different than that of spirit guides. If you first get to connect with angels, you may not need spirit guides at all. But it's up to you - angels are incredibly powerful, and very close to God, but you might feel like you need some denser energies and spirit guide know-how, as spirit guides have lived on earth and gone through the whole evolution process that you are presently having to endure. Once you are familiar with angelic vibrations, though, it will be easier to tell when you're getting good, high-level enlightened spirit guide knowledge and information.

You can keep this whole thing simple - it doesn't need to be complicated - but just know that any sort of entree into the spirit world can be super dangerous if you're not grounded, connected to God, and keeping yourself in the light.

For more info on spirit guides, check out my instant-download audio workshop, Meet and Work with Spirit Guides, right here: http://www.krishanti.com/p/krishantis-store.html

Have fun and be safe!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

How to Use Your Intuition to Communicate with (and Heal) Your Pets

Those of us who have pets are so lucky to be the caretakers of such precious friends. A lot of human beings feel that they're more intelligent than other sentient creatures, and while we may have more complex brains that process things differently, it doesn't necessarily mean we are technically smarter or more advanced than the animals who share this planet with us.

Many animals incarnate as pets in order to teach us how to be kinder and more evolved beings. They rely on us, and it's our job to treat them with love and kindness. If you share your home with animal friends, and you'd like to know how to use your intuition to better care for and respect them, here are 3 things that will help:

1. Quiet Your Mind and Focus on Your Pet.

Put your phone away, turn off your iPad or laptop, and turn off the TV. Just sit with your pet quietly. If it's someone you can pet, pet him or her. Just try and be near them, and breathe deeply. Share the space with them, and try and sense how they're feeling. If you can do this for 15-30 minutes, that would be great. Notice what impressions come up. Think about how much your love your pet, and recall funny or sweet things he or she has done in the past. As you do this, you're actually communicating telepathically with your pet's spirit, and letting him or her know how much you appreciate their presence. Let your mind wander to what your pet might need from you right now, and what might be good for him or her. When you're done with your session, record some notes of your impressions, and follow through on any advice you received. Notice how your pet reacts to any changes you might make to his or her diet or lifestyle.

2. Talk to your pets - and then listen when they talk back.

As I'm writing this, I'm feeling bad, because lately the kind of talking I've been doing to my two cats has been exasperated chit chat. Like yesterday, when I found a hairball right below my pillow on the bed (thanks). Or earlier today, when Aloysius curled up EXACTLY where I sit to write on my laptop. Or a few weeks ago, when SOMEONE peed on the blanket I accidentally left on the floor. Now clearly, these are signs that the cats need more TLC, since the majority of my attention and energy now goes to 3 year-old Ivan. So as a healer and intuitive, what I'm going to focus on doing more is talking to my cats lovingly, and then listening to their requests. Does Aloysius need another energy healing session? Yes. Would Coco like some tuna? Absolutley. Do both of them want more scratches and pets? Of course. And as I'm thinking about it, I think they wouldn't mind a new cat scratcher, and some catnip. And some playtime. No wonder I haven't been talking to them much lately - they have a lot of requests! But seriously, animals do want to communicate, and they will, even more so when you open that door and show them you're willing to listen and give them what they want and need.

3.  Send healing energy - it's easier than you'd think!

Because you have such a close bond with your pets as it is, it's easy to send healing energy to them. There are a couple of ways to do it: one way is by just breathing in, and then directing, colored light into their bodies. A soft, gentle color is best, and one of the prime colors to begin with is a light, lovely pink. Pink is very healing, and most animals love it. Just pet your pet, and imagine you're breathing in pink light, and it's flowing out through your hands to your pet. If you can't pet your friend, just hold your hands out - if it's a fish, over the water, or if it's a bird or reptile, just hold up your hands and beam the light out through your hand chakras.

Another way you can send healing energy is to imagine the light of God, or your creator, or the Universe, pouring down through your crown chakra, down through your arms, and out of your hands and hand chakras to your pet. Let the divine light flow, and think about how much love you have for your pet, as you allow the healing energy to flow through you and out. You don't have to do anything else.

Have you communicated with your pets before? What kinds of insights did you get?