Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Take on Tarot Cards

Around the time I began working on developing my clairvoyance, I discovered the tarot. I'd never quite understood how all that worked, but I read Sonia Choquette's classic book "The Psychic Pathway" and she talked about using the cards as a child, and how they helped her develop her psychic skills and do readings for others. I loved Sonia's teaching style so much, and resonated with her, so I knew that the tarot would be something I could really get into.

Around that time, my husband I and took a trip to France. I love to shop, but the only thing I REALLY super wanted from that trip was a pack of French tarot cards. I looked for them in Paris but to no avail. One day, while in the Loire Valley, we just so happened to go into this little village, and then just so happened to wander into a little shop, where I just so happened to find the perfect deck of Albano-Waite French tarot cards. They are really magical, and to this day, though I have other decks of cards, they're my go-to source; in fact, sometimes, it's like they sing to me!

Once we were back home, I picked up some books and started to read and learn about the significance of the cards, how to do layouts, and how to interpret what the cards mean. The pictures on my cards were so beautiful that they captured my fancy, and the ancient symbolism triggered something in my subconscious. It was as if I already knew what the cards meant.

The tarot is all about divination through ancient mysteries and archetypal images, and if you've been a spiritual seeker or mystic of certain schools or philosophies in other lifetimes, chances are, it will resonate with you on some deep level.

If you're a visual person, and you're intrigued by tarot cards, all you have to do is get a deck you think is visually appealing, buy some books (the simple ones are the best for beginners), and then practice doing spreads and reading the cards daily. It's not difficult to do; you just have to relax your mind and let your intuition take the reigns.

The tarot is a great way to access your inner voice; it really helped me to tune in and I still use it regularly for myself, tackling the most mundane and the most complicated issues. I find it's a great tool to help me quiet my mind and focus, and wonderful ideas and notions and insights just pop into my head.

Do you use Tarot cards? If so, what's your favorite deck?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to Survive a Dark Night of the Soul

I was drawn to learn how to do readings and energy healings because of the immense amount of pain and suffering I've been through.

My childhood was very difficult, and even when I was very little, I had this feeling I would lose my mother. It was a sort of internal knowing, one that I didn't WANT to know. In fact, I remember reading a book when I was 7 or so where the kids' mom died, and they called her "Mama." I decided then and there that I'd never call my mom "Mama" and maybe that would save her. I've written in another post you can find here about how long she suffered before she died of cancer at 39, leaving me all alone at 15.

The thing is, my suffering didn't stop there. It wasn't like my mom died, and that was the worst thing that happened. Other not-so-great things happened, too; a myriad of unfulfilling jobs, a feeling of being abandoned and unloved, misunderstood by friends and family, and, until I found the spiritual path, a feeling that I didn't know what I was here for or what the whole point of life was. I was depressed for a long time, and I turned my back on God because what kid of God would let my mom suffer in so much pain, only to die - and to leave me all alone without her?

Meditation and healing work really helped me grow in leaps and bounds, and I am dedicated to continue on the path of self-healing. However, being committed to the path to grow spiritually is not easy. There are always roadblocks and chances to grow my soul, situations that force me to stop and remember the point of things, to not fall prey to the illusion that I'm an abandoned orphan who will never have it easy.

I've had many a dark night of the soul, and I'd like to present some tips that have helped me through them:

1. If you've been hurt by your parents, try not to blame yourself or them.
It's hard not to think of our parents as these people who should be perfect. They're not. Some parents treat their kids like toys, loving the GI Joe doll but not really knowing how to play with the Barbie. As much as your parents say they know you and can point out all your flaws, it's not necessarily true. Try to think of them as little kids on the playground, and don't make them so important when it comes to your identity. To read more about healing the relationship with your parents, and how to forgive, click here.

2. Go to someone for support. 
A lot of clients and friends feel that if they're down, their friends don't want to have to listen to them complain. But everyone goes through rough times. Reach out, and don't suffer alone. If you don't have friends or family who will listen, go to a spiritual counselor through your church, to a good therapist (don't stick around if they're bad) or a support group.

3. Meditate, and pray, and read uplifting books.
Nothing beats meditation. You can listen to guided meditations if it's hard to focus. Find one you like and listen to it over and over until you feel better. Some of my favorites are the ones by Sonia Choquette, Brian Weiss, and Colette Baron-Reid. Spiritual books are very helpful too. I love all of Sanaya Roman's books. Sonia Choquette's books helped me through a lot of painful times, and Esther Hick's Law of Attraction books are amazing. My aunt recently gave me a copy of a book called "The Impersonal Life" and that is incredibly helpful too. Some people swear by "A Course in Miracles." I love books by Louise Hay and Paramahansa Yogananda.There are so many great books out there - just see what you are guided to, and read it. IT WILL HELP SOOTHE YOUR SOUL.

4. Try not to take ANYTHING personally.
When you're having a dark night of the soul, you're probably feeling like life is hell, you are worthless, there's no point, everyone hates you, nothing's going to get better, and you might even want to hurt yourself (or think you wish you were dead). The thing is, if you practice detaching a little, you're going to feel better. Pretend that you're not you. Pretend you don't even exist. That the people who have hurt you don't exist. That nothing matters. You might not be able to be in that zone for long, but if you try just a bit to get into that space, it will help give you some relief.

5. Write it down, and let yourself cry.
Rather than keep the pain bottled up, just journal it out, get it out on paper, identify how you feel, and cry while you're at it. If you feel inspired to write a solution, that might help. If you don't, don't worry about it, just write out the pain, and release it.

6. Escape.
Don't be a prisoner to your thoughts. Go away, take a trip that distracts you, look for something to get your mind off of your sorrows. Go for a long walk in the woods or on the beach or by the lake. Do some volunteer work for people less fortunate (or as bad off) as you. If you're too sad to do that, rent some good movies just so you can get out of your head.

7. Let art, dance, and music heal you.
Throw yourself into creating something beautiful, or even something ugly. Dance. Listen to music. Make music. Your spirit is a creative life force energy, and by doing and being and creating, you're giving your soul space to breathe and shine through your body. When your spirit shines, your ego (the part of you that's in pain) takes a back seat.

When was the last time you suffered a dark night of the soul? How did you get through it?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Healing Power of Earth Energy.

Do you feel disconnected from the earth?

Before I found the spiritual path, I found more joy and fulfillment in the shopping mall than in nature.

But when I stared learning about energy, and receiving truly healing readings and energy clearings, I realized how vitally important it is for all of us as human beings to connect to the earth, to honor and celebrate earth energy, and to respect it.

The gravity of the earth keeps us from floating off into outer space. The oxygen of the planet allows us to breath. The soil of the earth produces food that nourishes our bodies. The water of the earth sustains us. Without the earth, we wouldn't even exist.

It is imperative, if you want to feel calmer, more centered, grounded, and connected, that you spend time in nature. Honor the trees, breathe in fresh air, connect to the grace and beauty around you. Not only will your body and spirit feel healed, but the earth will receive a little healing, too. Imagine how you'd feel with billions of life-sucking humans crawling around all over you, dumping litter, oil, and gas, dropping bombs and burning up rainforests?

Flow love to the earth - it is needed.

If you're feeling de-vitalized, de-energized, off course, or out of sorts, go for a hike or a walk in the woods, noticing all that is around you and tuning into the majesty of the planet.

If you live in a city and feel like it's draining you, move. The noise level of cars honking and garbage trucks rumbling can actually be like a psychic attack
on the sensitive person. What's needed is the sound of leaves blowing in the breeze, of birds chirping, open skies and clean air, without the agitated energy and pollution of overpopulation.

I'm working on just that type of move, as LA is just too harsh for my senses now. How about you? What do you do to connect with the earth? What is your favorite healing place on the planet? How does it make you feel?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

3 Ways to Use Your Intuition to Maintain Your Health

A client came to see me last week, and asked about her ears; she's been losing her hearing, and doesn't know what to do about it. I tuned in to her physical body and noticed that there appeared to be a swelling and buildup in both ears, and one ear had a fluttering sense to it in the eardrum. I asked her if she'd been to a doctor, as obviously I'm not a medical professional (I majored in Art History!) and I always recommend a client sees someone trained in medicine for an official diagnosis. And get this.

She had BEEN to a doctor. An ear, nose and throat specialist. And you know what he said? 


He checked her ears, shrugged his shoulders, and dismissed her. 

What a joke, right? It's a crying shame. But what's even more of a shame is that this happens all the time. MOST doctors are like this. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to doctors with problems, only to be offered a prescription to mask the symptom rather than an in-depth understanding of the real root of the issue.

If all doctors were trained to use their own intuition and tune in to their patient's bodies, the world would be a different place. We'd have a whole new understanding of what causes illness in different people, and health would be much less elusive. The CIA trained soldiers  in the art of remote viewing; surely, doctors can be trained to remote view their clients bodies and pick up things that MRIs, X-Rays, and CT scans can't register. 

It's not difficult to use your own intuition to find out what's going on with your body. The first thing you need to do is learn how to be in sync with your physicality. A lot of people think of their bodies as separate from themselves, and then when the body malfunctions, they get fearful and don't know how to get the answers they need. 

If you're tired of getting no answers from your doctors, or if you want to learn how to use your own intuition to maintain and promote good health, here are three ways you can tune in:

1. Think of your body as an ally. Appreciate it, and ask it what it needs. 

Before you take a bite of a Big Mac, for instance, ask your body if this food will truly nourish and support it. If you've already ordered the Big Mac, of course you're going to eat it, but in the future, just try and sense what your body - and not your taste buds - craves. Same goes for exercise. As you're toiling away on the elliptical or the treadmill, ask your body if it likes and is getting the most out of that exercise. You may hear a "Yes!" or you may get a sort of "I'm bored" feeling. If your body seems bored, let your imagination show you what it needs. You might get a vision of yourself skiing, or swimming, or doing something different. Just go with what you get, and then try and implement that new element into your routine. Same goes for herbs, supplements, and medications.

2. If you're ill, don't be content to mask your symptoms - dig deeper, and get to the root of the problem, then work on solving that. 

Most doctors encourage people to take their pharmaceuticals and shut up. They solve the problems after all, right? But if you want true healing, you have to find the root of the issue. In order to do that, you must quiet your mind and tune in to your physical body. This classic grounding meditation will help you get into the zone. Next, just visualize your body on a screen in front of you, and ask it to show you the problem area(s) and the solution. You may hear answers, get ideas, or see images of things that will help. The key here is to let your imagination take the reigns. Don't dismiss anything you pick up as silly or "out there." That's how intuition works. Release yourself from your analytical mind and trust what you get.

3. As for higher guidance, and be open to different answers.

Every human body is different. Some people need meat, and some don't. Some are allergic to things that others are not. In order to find out what is best for your body, ask for higher guidance to support you and give you the answers. Perhaps your body is too sensitive to live in the city, and a life in the country would revive you and give you the energy you need. Maybe you need acupuncture, or a holistic health practitioner. Maybe Western medicine is just the thing for you. You never know until you ask for higher guidance. It's like putting a request out to the universe, and then just waiting for the answers to come in. Know that you don't have to struggle, and it doesn't have to be this great big difficult challenge. 

The more you work with and trust your intuition, the more it grows. There are no wrong answers, either. Just have fun with it, and explore, giving yourself validation, as well as credit, for seeking information and knowledge. 

What do you think about medicine today? Do you think things would be different if all medical doctors were trained in medical intuition?

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What Image do you Project to the World?

Introducing a new 4-week online program: Reinvent Your Self-Image!

Do you want to start getting what you REALLY WANT (instead of just settling for what you think you deserve)? 

Do you want to reinvent yourself, creating a positive, powerful, sparkling, radiant presence that announces to the world how much you LOVE yourself and your life?

Imagine the energy of your true spirit amplified across the entire spectrum. Imagine your spirit shaping the whole of your experience, creating lasting excitement, happiness and fulfillment.

Believe it or not, you already hold the power to all this (and so much more). You just need to tap into the right internal energy. And this course will show you how! Your self-image is a combination of both your energetic vibration and your physical form. It informs the world of who you are, what you think of yourself, and how you expect to be treated. If your self-image is not in alignment with your true spirit, your vibration will feel tired, shabby, and low. Under these circumstances, you'll live a life pining away for those few bright spots that peek out amidst the ho-hum drudgery of daily monotony. Many of us carry around old, outdated images of ourselves that echo past pain and suffering. This negativity affects our vibration, preventing us from aligning with the people, places, and life experiences that reflect our true spirit.
Could you benefit from a self-image makeover? Here's a quick test: 
Do you feel like your life isn't quite what you want it to be? 

Have you noticed that people don't treat you the way you want to be treated? 

Do you keep repeating unwanted patterns over and over again? 

When you get started on an exciting new creative project or path, does something (or someone) derail your enthusiasm? 

Are you dismayed by your reflection in the mirror? 

Do the things you wear feel kind of "blah?"

Are you letting yourself have everything you most deeply desire, or do you have the sneaking suspicion you're settling for less?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a self-image makeover is EXACTLY what you need!

In this 4-week program, you'll learn to identify and shift your vibration, wake up your soul, and re-program your energy field so you can transform your self-image and start living the life you really want. Classic makeovers are fun and transformative, and give you the chance to start fresh and new. When you incorporate energy work with actual physical change, you create powerful, magical alchemy that reaches every area of your life. You can't help but change, and your life experiences will absolutely start to match your new look and vibe! 

This 4-week program contains powerful lessons, exercises, and guided meditations that will help you to: 

  • Shift your vibration to get you in alignment with your true spirit
  • Discover what your self-image is, and what type of message and energy you're projecting out to the world (and then heal and transform it)!
  • Find out who in your life is holding you back and why, and do a healing to release and clear their energy from yours
  • Create a fun, new energetic image for yourself that will help you move forward in life
  • Make over and transform your physical appearance - start looking the way you REALLY want to look
  • Balance and heal the energy in your 3rd chakra of personal power
  • Balance and heal the energy in your 5th chakra, your voice
  • Re-program your subconscious mind to create a life you love
  • Align yourself with powerful archetypal images
  • Travel back in time to heal yourself from the pain of the past
  • Send love to every part of your being, past, present, and future
  • Create a new energetic blueprint for your entire being 

  • You don't have to settle for any less than what you most deeply desire! Cultivate a brand new self-image and a presence that you love - based on the deepest truth of who you are - and the universe will start matching your positive, genuine, fresh new vibration. Miraculous changes will unfold.

    This intensive program will activate the energy of your true spirit and guide you through exercises to help transform your physical image, while helping you heal parts of you that are not in agreement with your highest potential. When you follow these exercises, you're guaranteed to project a brand new you - THE REAL YOU - to the world! 

    Are you ready for a whole new you, based on the truth of your spirit? Then this is the program for you! 

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