Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Makes Your Spirit Thrive?

Aside from love - CREATIVITY.

Your spirit thrives on creativity.

Whether you're creating music, making crafts, drawing, painting, writing stories, creating friendships, creating incredible inventions, creating formulas, or creating masterpieces in the kitchen...your spirit is here to create.

To be, to do, to express - to create.

Someone asked me in a session recently what she needed to do to heal. I saw that painting would be incredibly soothing to her soul. But she told me she would not, could not, and simply refused to paint. She said her brother had always been the artist in the family, so she gave up trying.

And yet, her spirit wanted to paint. Who cares if it's just a splash of color on a canvas? Or a bunch of smears of pinks and oranges? Her personality needed it to be perfect, or forget the whole thing, and so she created a major block, one that her spirit was pretty bummed about.

The act of creating is so powerfully healing! It's not about whether you're any good at it, whether you can make money at it. The mind labels everything and decides what is worth it or not - but the spirit needs to express itself.

If it makes you happy, DO IT. You don't have to be a rock star to sing or record music. You don't have to be a fashion designer to make clothes.  You don't have to be a chef to bake cookies. You don't have to be a world famous photographer to take photos.

But you do need to always be creating. It's simply an expression of your soul.

And that's that!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

3 Ways to Repair your Energy Field with Color

I am a highly sensitive person, and I've had to be pretty cautious with keeping my energy clear considering the work I do, but it wasn't until after my son Ivan was born that I started to have a real problem with protecting my energy during sessions. With some people, it felt like my very life force energy was being sucked out of me. It would take me two days to recover.

So, I went on a quest to figure out what was wrong and how to fix it. I discovered, through many readings and healings with some incredible professionals, some amazing techniques, and with practice, found the ones that work best for me. Here are three of them:

1. Replenish your energy with WARM GOLD.

Warm golden energy is very healing to the human nervous system. If you feel drained, worn out, or fried, imagine you're pouring warm liquid gold into your crown chakra at the top of your head. Let it circulate throughout your head, and then down through your entire body. Imagine your cells are drinking the energy in, and see it flow all throughout your being. Let it fill up your entire aura, and just bask in the golden light. Keep running it until you feel better.

2. Ground yourself with CHOCOLATE BROWN.

I do this when I'm done with sessions for the day, and I love it. The dark brown energy is really restorative, and helps you disconnect from the crazy world of everything, and just kind of go into a healing, hibernating, safe mode. Imagine your crown chakra is turning the most gorgeous shade of dark, rich chocolate. Let it circulate throughout. Then flow that luxurious chocolate energy all throughout your body. It might move more slowly than the gold energy, because it is more of a slow, sort of thick vibration. Just relax, and watch and feel this energy encompass you.

3. Surround your aura with COBALT BLUE.

Cobalt blue protects you, and has a bouncy quality that helps repel other vibrations from your energy field. Imagine your aura surrounding your body, and notice how far out it extends. Is it 6 inches from your skin? A foot? Or bigger? Next, visualize your aura as a giant egg extending above your head, and below your feet. Fill it up with the richest, most powerful cobalt blue, and see it coursing though your aura. Notice how clean and clear it is. Just let that blue swirl through your aura, and notice how it strengthens and buffers your energy field.

If you're feeling tired, run down, overwhelmed, or worn out, just try one or all of these techniques once or twice a day for a week, and see how you feel overall.

It's a great way to get yourself into a meditative state (which is healing just on its own), and it will definitely help shift your overall vibration. Let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It’s a Brand New Year. Time to Make Your Resolutions a REALITY!

It’s New Year’s Resolutions season. The time of year when you sit down and write out your list of resolutions - all the goals you hope to accomplish in the new year.

But how often do you really stick to your list of resolutions? According to a recent university study, only 8% of New Year’s resolutions are actually realized.

But guess what? You have within you a secret magical power that can help you beat those odds. Actually, it’s a power everyone has. Most people just don’t know they have it, or if they do, how to use it to their advantage.

What is this great power? It's the power to MANIFEST; to actualize a living reality that molds the visions you create in the dimension of pure energy into the 3-D world of real life. In other words, the power to make what you want happen. How? With the right combination of intention, meditation, and energy work. Follow the formulas, and you can manifest just about anything you want.

That’s why I recorded my new Get Serious and Make Your New Years Resolutions a REALITY MP3audio workshop: to give you, step by step, the way to make this happen.

What are Your Goals for 2015?
  • To lose weight?
  • Get a new job?
  • Start a business?
  • Buy a home?
  • Finish an important project?
  • Meet your soul mate?

This uber-powerful workshop can help you achieve all these goals (and MORE). 

All you need is vision, determination, and the right tools to work with. And I’ll guide you through the process, helping you zero in on exactly what you want to manifest - and how to make it happen! The workshop begins with forming a complete mental picture of what you intend to create, and then teaches you, step by step, the techniques you need to work it up on an energetic level so you can then watch your dreams appear in your reality.

LimitedTime Offer - Act Now!

I’m only offering this course for a few weeks. As of February 15th, this one goes on the shelf (New Year’s Resolution Season being long gone).  I may offer it again next year, but who knows? A lot could happen between now and then.

So download this course now (today even) and don’t miss your opportunity to make your 2015 New Year’s Resolutions a REALITY.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Holidays! Here's a Special Treat Just for You.

No matter how good (or bad) the holidays are, let's face it: everyone gets a little frantic around this time of year. Those of us who are sensitive need extra help, to lift our spirits and put our feet back on the ground.


My audio meditations and eCourses can help you build skills to stay grounded and keep in touch with who you REALLY are. So you’ll be able to manage the Holiday Blues, even when you're inundated with all the season’s weighty emotions.

Whenever I'm visiting relatives, I always sneak away to meditate, read one of my "magical" books, and just take 5 to connect with my spirit and regroup. So I know this helps!

Best of all, I’ve a got a FREE HOLIDAY GIFT – Just for YOU!

This month, with every purchase of a $55 audio course, you'll receive a FREE newly recorded BONUS MEDITATION! This special gift will help you get grounded, cleanse your energy, and strengthen up your aura. It will have you powerful-and-primed to face all of the challenges of the season with graceful ease.

Here are the instant-download audio courses to choose from:

Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Heal Your Body with Energy Work

Meet and Work with Spirit Guides

Release Your Blocks and Create the Life of Your Dreams

Psychic Protection for Sensitive People

Magnetize Your Soul Mate

Tis the season, not only to celebrate with your loved ones, but to be grateful for who YOU are and appreciate your own beautiful spirit. I hope the audio courses I've created will help you to do just that.

Happy Holidays!

With Love,


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gifted Intuitive vs. Killer Bargain Hunter

People say I'm a gifted intuitive, but I honestly think one of my greatest talents lies in my ability to successfully (and diligently) shop for bargains. Maybe it's my sixth sense for spying deals, and maybe it's my spiritual support team - I communicate incredibly well with my guides when I'm shopping - but my knack for finding amazing things at astounding prices is nothing short of miraculous.

I am totally serious!

I have stumbled across...

$200 jeans that actually fit me for $20?!

beautiful dresses with $400 price tags for $8?!

cashmere sweaters for $5?!

And so many other amazing and incredible things - shoes, bags, makeup, beauty products, etc. - that it would take me all day to list them.

There are a lot of places (new and vintage) to get deals in LA, and my guides even help when I ask them to...steering me to the right racks...sending uplifting messages through music...even connecting me to the right sales people. Just today, a handsome young man (does that make me sound like a grandma or what?) looked at me and asked "Do you need help with anything?" I smiled and said no, and then he said "Well just let me know if you need anything at all, ok? I'm here to help you." I know this might sound crazy, but I totally felt like that was my guides/the universe coming through, because earlier this morning I had asked them for help, to feel happy and loved and supported. Not only did they get me a free parking spot right in front of the Beverly Connection, where there are only a handful of free 45 minute parking spots (it's a pay-to-park lot), but they helped me score a beautiful pair of Valentino sunglasses for an UNEARTHLY deal.

Kicking the Bargain Habit with the Perfect Shopping Formula

After my son was born, I started scaling back with my shopping habit. It just isn't right for 3 year old Ivan to be dragged from shop to shop -  he needs to be at the park, not at TJ Maxx. I decided to shop for clothes only 4 times per year - spring, summer, fall, and winter. Once a quarter I get to shop for about two weeks to get everything I need for that season (without Ivan in tow). This plan has been working really well. I no longer shop for clothes randomly. Now I've got a formula. Trends + seasons + checklists = wardrobe.

Finding a Balance

But I realized I was still shopping regularly, and I felt GUILTY about it. I need to get gifts all the time, things for the home, and toys, clothes, and shoes for Ivan. I mean, I only bring Ivan to shop with me once a week or so, but the whole notion of shopping, acquiring things, spending time on all these material pursuits...sometimes it feels like it's not the best thing to focus on. I mean come on, SHOPPING? as a hobby? Ridiculous.

I love to shop, though. It takes my mind off of things, and I'm able to focus, and also to totally manifest what I'm looking for. It's fun for me, and it's relaxing. I feel like I'm talented at it, and I love the thrill of finding things, and of asking my guides for help, and then receiving it. For more info on how you can do this with your guides, check out my Spirit Guides workshop here.

Indulging Yourself Prudently

Sometimes our greatest talents are things we're not necessarily proud of, or things we just don't take seriously. But by bargain shopping, I'm allocating the funds we have to more important things, like Ivan's education, and to my business - saving hundreds on sunglasses means I can go to spiritual workshops and classes to learn new healing methods and modalities that will help clients. It's my way of budgeting wisely while still allowing myself to have the nice things I didn't have as a kid.

I have a lot of talents, and I'm sure you do too. I'm good at doing readings and healings for people, and I love it. I'm good at cooking. I'm great at being on time, at planning and being accountable and dependable. I don't know if I'm a talented artist, but I'm learning how to paint. And there are other things I'm forgetting right now.

There are so many things to learn, to work on, to practice and play and get into in this lifetime. Maybe I'll decide I don't want to shop at all anymore, or maybe I'll find a new system for miscellaneous gift and household shopping that will free up my time for other things.

But for the mean time, I think I'll stop feeling guilty for loving to do something shallow. It relaxes me, brings me joy, and takes my mind off of all my worries - and for now, what more could I want out of a hobby?