Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Learning How to be Psychic

Last week, I did a training for someone who wanted to tap into her intuition and psychic abilities. I led her through the steps, and then as a warm-up exercise, had her try and pick up the essence and energy behind photographs that I placed in unmarked envelopes.

Because I myself learned how to be psychic, I totally knew what to expect in this initial exercise. But what happened after the fact literally blew my mind. It was AMAZING!

The first picture she tuned into was an image of me, taken ages ago.

Sadly, she didn't describe the image at all as far as you might think it appears to your logical, analytical mind. However, because she was tapping into her intuition, I understood what she was seeing when she described a multi-colored butterfly. I immediately felt that she was reading me and my energy, as I have an affinity for butterflies and these new meditations I've been doing have been literally magnetizing butterflies into my life - I see them everywhere now. I told her this, and told her not to be discouraged, because in my mind she was tuning into my energy. Whenever you begin to tap into your intuition, you WILL get a different set of imagery than what you'd expect to be "normal," because it's not "normal" - it's a completely unique way of seeing things.

She went on to do a few other exercises with really fun and interesting results, and I loved that she had an open mind and a sense of humor. She even got some amazing direct hits, which was super cool.

When I got home later that day, though, I realized she was tuning into something even deeper and possibly even more complex than what I'd initially surmised.

My husband and 4-year old son were watching TV and had been drawing with the new markers Ivan got. And I was floored - the pictures (see above) were of BUTTERFLIES. I asked Ryan what time they had started drawing the butterflies, and it turns out it was the EXACT TIME that my student was tuning into that picture of me. Ryan added that Ivan had enthusiastically said, "Let's draw butterflies, Dad! You do it!" which is funny because Ivan doesn't know how to draw butterflies yet, so he was the art director, so to speak. He's never asked us to draw butterflies before, either. This was the first time.

So, while this student didn't know why she got an image of a butterfly when tuning into an envelope holding a photo of me, it makes complete sense in a subtle yet complex, unique and amazing way. Isn't that so interesting?

The more open minded you are, the more amazing this whole world of intuition and psychic awareness is. We all have the ability to tap into it - we just have to be open, excited, and not afraid of our own power.

And to that I say, YAY!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to NOT GAIN WEIGHT During the Holidays

2015 has been one roller coaster of a year, and I for one am glad to see it come to an end. Amidst all the chaos this year brought to my life, I gained a couple pounds and wasn't diligent about losing them. A few friends said the same thing happened to them, and now that the holidays are upon us, with all the yumminess they bring, and that means at least an additional 2, 5, or even 10! extra pounds coming in, if you count water weight gain too.

That's why I think NOW might just be the best time EVER to take my MP3 downloadable audio workshop, Lose Weight, Get in Shape, and Heal Your Body with Energy Work.

Why wait til January to get a handle on things? If you approach it with the right mind set, you won't need to put on extra pounds this year, and you won't need to worry about losing them in the New Year.

And - best of all - it won't be a challenge. You won't feel like you're working your butt off or starving yourself or not letting yourself enjoy all the treats you love (and deserve) to indulge in.

In fact, just thinking of putting the exercises and techniques in this workshop into practice again has helped me shift my mindset. I signed up for Cardio Barre again and have gotten back to a great yoga practice, in addition to regular gym stuff. I'm not going overboard, but just doing things that are fun and make me feel healthy.

This workshop will show you that it's not about being strict and overbearing with your body, but about getting in sync with what you need and love, and being kind and patient with your ego-personality and your mind while you heal your body with energy work. If you practice the exercises presented in this workshop while you're walking, riding the elliptical, or just sitting or lying down, they will definitely help shift your energy, change your vibration, re-calibrate your mindset, and help you lose weight, get in shape, and heal your body. You will notice yourself doing things differently, maybe exercising smarter and making more conscious, loving choices when it comes to what you eat. Perhaps you'll give yourself body treatments you've been wanting for a while, or at least just treating your body as a vessel that you love, not one that you tolerate or even dislike or resent being in.

For more info or to grab this instant download audio workshop, follow this link and scroll down:

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


PS I will be sending a regular newsletter out re. this workshop too, so if you receive this message/video twice, I apologize. A few changes are taking place with my whole system, including a new website launching soon, so there might be some glitches etc. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Angels in Disguise

I have a book about modern-day miracles that I love, and the author cites all kinds of incredible stories in which people witness amazing things that happen, things that are nothing short of miraculous.

One of my favorite types of stories along this vein is about angels that come through. From what I've read in this book and others is that sometimes angels will materialize in human form and deliver aid when it's needed. I LOVE that - don't you? The comfort in knowing that that sort of help is available and has happened before just gives me hope.

While I have yet to meet an angel in human form that I'm consciously aware of, I have met people who act like angels. Their kindness and love in times of need is pure magic, and so wonderful that it restores my faith in humanity.

We were in Oregon last week, and went to dinner at this great place called Imbrie Hall. It's an old restored farmhouse and associated buildings that they made into a restaurant/bar/destination, and the property is really unique and interesting. While we waited for our table, Ivan frolicked on the lawn with other kids, and I remember walking towards one of the houses and looking up at the roof.

I feel like I am in a dream state even remembering this now, because the next thing you know, people in front of me were looking behind me with shock on their faces, and then I heard 4 year old Ivan cry out and I turned around and Ryan was picking him up and there was blood on his head. Ryan had been right behind him, and he tripped and hit his head on this rope thing. I was still trying to figure out how badly hurt he was and how it all happened, but blood was literally spurting from his head and I needed to be calm and cool and get help. Ryan was pressing on the wound and took Ivan to the boys bathroom. It all happened so fast! I want in behind them and didn't care that another dude was in there, I just saw Ryan was using a LOT of paper towels and there was a lot of blood...Ivan's baby-fine hair was stuck to the side of his head. Luckily Ivan was okay, and not scared himself. He even told Ryan "I'm fine, Dad!" but STILL.

So I left the boy's bathroom and went to find help. There were 3 waitresses together and I just told them my son fell, and there was a lot of blood, and we needed help. One asked if she should call an ambulance, and I remember saying my husband would think that would be over-reacting. Then another one took hold of the situation, asked me where Ivan was, and went to get stuff. She came and found us within two minutes, with a cloth that she just held steadily on his head. In what seemed like seconds, the blood had stopped and we ascertained that it was just a small little cut that happened to bleed a lot. She gave me another cloth with ice and some band-aids and rubbing alcohol, and I asked her if she had had EMT training because the way she reacted was so professional and just - together. And guess what? SHE HAD.

Becca's kindness, calm authority and quick action was just what we needed in that situation, and to be honest, my feeling was that she was like an angel in disguise. I'll never forget how much she helped us. I told the manager on duty that night and sent an email to the company too!

It's amazing how many wonderful, beautiful people are here on the earth, and how much we can help each other. And then think, if people can be so good to one another, how incredible must it be when real angels come through and help us? From what I have noticed personally in my meditations and healing work, the more you intend to reach angels and invite them into your lives, the more they will come. And you'll see signs everywhere, receive love and guidance just when you need it, and will act more angelic yourself.

If you have any stories about angelic people or real angels in disguise, please let me know so I can share them with everyone! Just email me. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Get the BEST Guidance for Yourself

Have you ever had moments where you're like, "That would be the BEST idea EVER!" and then you do do it, and it turns out to be not so great after all?

I do!

In fact, the other day, while walking home from the gym, I had this amazing idea about a new work project involving a friend. I thought it was the best idea and I got all excited about it.

This friend is really super busy right now now, to the point of feeling completely overwhelmed, so before I ran the idea by her, I stopped and checked in with my tarot cards first. I've been using cards a lot for my personal life lately, because I find I can be more objective that way. It's not the easiest thing to be psychic for yourself, and reading the cards provides an easier way to check into my own life circumstances (these days at least) than being clairvoyant or clairaudient.

I calmed my mind, shuffled the cards, and asked the question. And sure enough, the cards told me it wouldn't be the best idea to approach my friend with. They said there were other things for me to focus on, and this work project, which involved investing a bit of money, would not pay off.


That wasn't what I wanted to hear, but when I thought about it, it made complete sense.

So, if you have a big decision to make, or want more insight for yourself before doing something, take some time out and really get a feel for what the best steps are. If you have cards, use those for insight. If not, just mediate until you feel very calm and clear and quiet, and you know you're not going to be following advice from your chatterbox monkey mind, but from your intuitive, higher self.

Doing this will save you a LOT of time and money! And the more you make it a habit to check in first, the easier life will get, because it will train you to be in the flow.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is your purpose only about work?

One of the most common questions I hear in sessions is: "What is my purpose in life?"

And it's almost ALWAYS related to making money and career.

But there are so many other reasons we're here that have nothing to do with money whatsoever, and if we can just acknowledge that and embrace it, our souls will grow by leaps and bounds, and enlightenment will be something that actually feels attainable, vs. this concept that only monks and highly spiritual people have access to or can reach.

Your purpose for being here is not just about how you earn your money. And if you follow your truth, and work with your talents and gifts, you'll both learn, and teach, important lessons that can help with the evolution of everyone on this planet.

Here's an example, albeit a small one:

As a person who has been bullied, both within my family and at a couple of different office jobs, I am firmly opposed to bullying, and committed to doing what I can to speak out about it and to stop it from being tolerated.

This morning, Ivan insisted on wearing a knitted beanie with all these planets and stars on it (even though it's like 100 degrees in October here in LA). Under his hat, he tucked a mini flashlight, so he had this flashlight hidden on top of his head under his hat. Genius!

When we got to school, his frenemy Michael pointed to the hat and started laughing, because it looked odd and funny. Ivan's face totally changed from excited and confident to scared and sad. Why was Michael laughing at him? Michael went to get Mark, who is a sweet-natured boy, to tell him Ivan looked funny today. I was kind of just standing there watching it all, and without thinking, I looked at Mark, then Michael, and I said "Hey, guys! Ivan has the coolest hat on today and he's hiding something really funny underneath it. Mark, come see!" and instead of making fun, suddenly both of them looked intreagued and interested, and Ivan then showed them the flashlight, which they loved, and wanted to play with. The whole scene changed in an instant and I ducked out while Mark and Michael marveled over the ingenuity of Ivan's getup.

Granted, toddlers are easily influenced, but the whole scenario made me think about teasing, and bullying, and how children can be taught to be kind to each other, and how that can make them grow up into adults who are caring and thoughtful. So many grownups love to gossip, to say negative things about each other, and that's just so ugly and low-vibrational. What gives? and what's the point? It's just mean and small-minded.

My life experiences have fed my beliefs that smack-talking and bullying are negative and unproductive, and now one of my purposes is to do what I can, in whatever little way I can, to influence people to NOT be like that. I, too, try to be diligent about not gossiping, criticizing, or judging others.

You purpose is never just about work. It's about all the gifts you have and how you share them, about what you bring to the table in life. Maybe you give great hugs and make people feel better. Perhaps you love your animals and give them a good life. Maybe your belief in treating the planet better influences others to do the same, and we end up restoring the vibration of the earth. In any event, you are here for a reason, and every little thing you do makes a difference, even if you can't see it right away.